Celebrities and their Jewels

The “star” factor of jewelry

When you hear the word “star” in regards to celebrities, an image of a person dressed to the nines and dripping in jewels on the red carpet usually comes to mind. Celebrities and their bling are a familiar sight in Hollywood. When a celebrity wants to tell the world they have “made it” in showbiz, you can be sure that they will go big with their jewelry.
Many famous women favor rings with large stone settings, delicate diamond-studded tennis bracelets, and eye-catching necklaces. Nothing says power or glam like a sparkling pair of earrings with an elegant up-do. When it comes to formal events, large show-stopper accessories are temporarily lended to a starlet for the evening.
Women don’t get to have all the fun when it comes to jewelry. Male celebs like showing off their wealth, too! Gold chains, rings, and fancy brand-name watches are favorite jewelry pieces of male celebrities. Even diamond-studded grills aren’t out of the question.

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Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelet is a name assigned to a simple, flexible bracelet set with stones all around the wrist. It fits close to your arm, rather than a bracelet with charms hanging off or a solid ring of metal, like a bangle bracelet.

Traditional Tennis Bracelet Construction

Generally, tennis bracelets are set with diamonds and made of gold, but many other stones and metals are available to produce a subtle, elegant piece of jewelry. While most tennis bracelets have hearty clasps to prevent losing them, as Chris Evert did during a match in 1987, thus naming this piece of jewelry, some are designed to slide over your hand. If you have large hands, you probably want to find one with a durable clasp that’s easy to fasten with your other hand; otherwise the bracelet will hang away from your arm, breaking the clean line intended for tennis bracelets.

Additionally, because tennis bracelets are completely circled by stones, if they don’t fit snugly you can snag your clothing or catch the bracelet and may break the clasp or a link.

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Water Damage and Rolex Watches


Maybe you took that “water resistant” indication too seriously, or maybe you just had bad luck. Whatever the case, you’ve gotten your Rolex wet, and suddenly it has gone from being a prized timepiece to a sort of time bomb: if water gets into the movement, you have about ten days to fix it before your Rolex turns into a bracelet. If it was wine (for instance) you may only have a day or two.

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Engagement Rings Springfield VA

Types of Engagement Rings for your Sweetheart

If you want to make someone happy with a special ring, it helps to know something about them and what they are looking for. Of course, you know a lot of that already, and that is why you decided to look for something special for your sweetheart. That is also why you are getting engaged.


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