5 Summer Jewelry Trends

Summer is the best time to explore your creativity with jewelry. This collection of trendy summer jewelry includes products that can be layered up or down, so no matter what your style is, you’re sure to find something perfect for this season. The following products provide a list of light and easy-to-wear styles, perfect for the warm weather.

5 Summer Jewelry Trends
1. Rainbow Gems.
Traditionally, gems have been used in jewelry to reflect an individual’s mood. However, these days, different shades of the rainbow are gaining popularity. They can represent your personality and be worn on any occasion, such as a wedding, graduation, baptism, etc. From colored pearls to diamonds cut in different shades of red, pink, and purple, let your personality shine through by wearing this trend of fabulous jewelry.

2. Higher Necklines.
The current season is about daring necklines with plunging necklaces that accentuate the shoulders and upper chest area. It is a trend that works well with both pencil and braided hairstyles. If you’re looking to add a bit of spice to your look, try incorporating statement necklaces with chains evenly distributed across the breastbone. The necklaces can be worn so that they are in line with the collarbone.

3. Gold.
Gold jewelry is always in style! No matter if it’s real gold or gold plated, it is versatile with basically any outfit. From gold hoop earrings to gold necklaces to layer on top of each other, you can’t go wrong with gold jewelry.

4. Baguette Rings.
Thin baguette rings are a hot trend this season. You can wear a stack of them on your finger or wear them individually as accents. A simple approach to this trend is to use a double-sided style with two different colored gems. They are great for layering and can be worn with silver and gold jewelry. It is a great style to complement designs that use larger gemstones or diamonds, as baguette styles are known to be underrated in size.

5. Pearly Whites.
In this age of all-over makeup, pearls are working their way into more and more jewelry. You can wear them as simple accents to other pieces or buy a set and layer them with other stones. These look great with a tan and are trendy enough to wear at work. It’s important to choose good-quality pearls, so make sure you’re investing in a product that you can wear for years and years.

This summer, you can be bold, glamorous, and daring in your fashion choices. Jewelry is a great way to express individuality and keep you looking great for all occasions. The jewelry trends mentioned above are trending now and will work for many years, so feel free to incorporate them into your wardrobe for this season and many summers after that. Shop at USA Gold & Jewelry Exchange for beautiful jewelry pieces this summer and all year round!

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