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Guide to Buying a Designer Watch

Wearing a watch is important because it can allow you to track time. That way, you will not be late at work or anywhere your presence is needed. Well, that was before. Nowadays, wearing a watch is not just about tracking the time but so much more. Watches are labeled as accessories or a piece of jewelry that enhances your style and shows off your personality. Some even prefer to collect designer watches for it’s beauty and value.

Well, designer’s watches have become popular because they allow people to display their sense of style without being too loud. Watches are a form of self-expression, so it signals your style and the way you want the world to see you.  

Buying a designer watch

Today, social etiquette involves looking at your best. Whether you like it or not, people will judge your appearance, level of intelligence and how successful you are according to visual indicators. These indicators can give them an idea about who you are even before you speak. So, when you look really nice and wear a designer watch, you probably have an idea that people will take you seriously.

So, where can I go to buy a designer watch? Here are some tips for you:

  • Do your own research first
    You should know what style and design you want for a designer watch and dig a little deeper to ensure you are not getting yourself a fake watch. Yes, fake watches are everywhere so you should be careful. For individuals who are on a tight budget, you can visit a pawn shop and purchase a luxury watch from there. If you decide to get your designer watch from a pawn shop, make sure to ask a few questions first such as who sells it and where? While pawn shops only sell authentic items, make sure to transact only with a licensed pawnbroker.


  • Always buy in person
    Buying designer watches online may seem attractive because you have lots of options to choose from. However, when you buy online, there is no assurance of the authenticity and the condition of the watch. Remember, the photo may look authentic but looks different when you see it up close. That is why a lot of people are getting scammed by the sale advertisement like expectation versus reality. When you buy in person, you get to examine the watch from every angle and closely check its material and condition. When you buy personally, you can easily spot a fake designer watch in an instant.


Everyone can rock a watch but wearing a designer watch is a great way to add interest to your style and personality. Head over to USA Gold & Jewelry Exchange in Woodbridge VA today to check out the assortment of designer watches today! 

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