Jewelry Trends for Spring/Summer 2018

summer_JewelryJewelry can instantly make anyone feel cultured with artful expression of one’s personal taste and style. Whether you’re familiar with accessorizing with jewelry to enhance your looks or still experimenting to find charms that match your wardrobe, looking to the trends of the year will inspire you with new ideas. The jewelry trends for spring and summer 2018 are fresh off the runway and give a sheepish nod to the late 1900s. Here are five trending jewelry pieces that should adorn your body this season!

Hoop Earrings

If you were a ‘90s kid, then this comeback should make you ecstatic! A classic hoop earring flatters most face shapes and helps to add balance to facial structure and body form when there might not otherwise be any. The new designs deviate from the classic hoop and range from beaded to bejeweled models that will fit any occasion. Whether you dress them up or down, you’ll be the talk of the town.

Layered Necklaces

Leave the chokers in the dust because the stepped look of these layered pieces add more depth and make a bolder statement than their single layer counterpart ever could have. If you’re not familiar with this design, it features a short choker chain following by two increasing lengths that sport small charms that vary in location and size. Not only do layered necklaces accentuate long necks, but they also keep you covered in the accessories department.


Another throwback from the ‘90s, this foot adornment is sure to be around for a while. With new patterns that incorporate anything from rope to linked chains with sparkling accents, these pieces of jewelry will let your ankles shine through the typical summer sandals and flip-flops.


More of a hint at the classic Victorian Era of romance and femininity, accessories adorned in classic pearls have crowded the runways this year. Although the pearl has typically been reserved for fine jewelry in the past, it has debuted in street wear alongside other gemstones. Whether the pearls are incorporated into cascading earrings, hair clips, or high riding necklaces, they are sure to bring out your inner queen.

Anything Gold

Now that the days are long and warm since the sun is out, why not give it something to shine at? Whether you prefer simple chains or statement earrings, buying them in gold will make you glisten like a goddess this season. You can get creative and select hair accessories, such as barrettes and pins, in gold if you don’t like wearing gold jewelry. Regardless of how you choose to wear the gold, you will be channeling an inner gold rush as you walk those streets.


Now that you know what all the buzz is about, go out there and find your looks! Also, remember that investing in jewelry doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. Think of ways you can trade in old jewelry that you don’t wear anymore for newer models. You could also get creative and repurpose old pieces of jewelry to fit the current trends. Get styling!

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