Style Your Spring Wardrobe With Jewelry

spring jewelrySpring is here! What are you going to wear? Now is the time to don colorful clothing and bright accessories to showcase the light tones of the season. Spring brings to mind vibrant flowers and easy living and your look should reflect this happy time of year.

It’s important to update your wardrobe with signature pieces you can wear during the spring or all year round! Woman and men alike love the look of flashy jewelry whether they’re dressing up or going to a casual get-together. Our simple guide will help you find the right jewelry for spring.

Tips For Choosing Spring Jewelry

  • Look for bright colors that echo the spirit of spring
  • Don’t shy away from block designs and exaggerated shapes
  • Look to silver and gold chains to wear as bracelets and anklets


How To Find The Right Spring Pieces


  1. Look To Pawn Shops For Jewelry

From gold watches to fashion earrings, a pawn shop markets just what you need. A licensed broker will give you the best price on unique designs and vintage accessories you can’t find anywhere else.

When you don’t have a set goal in mind for picking your spring jewelry, you can easily peruse the glossy shelves of a pawn shop for a piece that speaks to you. Pawn brokers can even assess jewelry you have at home and may be able to purchase pieces from you for extra money to revamp your wardrobe.


  1. Peruse Social Media For Special Pieces

Many social media networks serve as an easy garage sale to find heirlooms and treasured items. The best part of this service is that you never have to go far to pick up or receive your purchase. You are also able to communicate with the seller before finalizing your purchase to request more information about your desired pieces.


  1. Dive Through The Heirlooms

You probably have a stash of old jewelry in your closet or a family member who promises you precious gold pieces, It’s time to dive into that collection of old jewelry and see what you can recycle and re-wear.

You may want to search through your own closet for jewels and spangles that make your wardrobe unique. Try to match your colorful outfit with spunky jewelry for a one of a kind look. You may be surprised at what you find!


Make Special Jewelry Your Own

If you want authentic pieces and vintage items, look far away from listings and cheap knock offs. It’s up to you to decide which is great for your spring wardrobe to add some snazz to your style. Spring is here to stay with these colorful additions to your wardrobe! Stop by USA Gold & Jewelry Exchange to find beautiful jewelry at a great price!

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