What Can Be Bought

luxury watchMost pawn shops will buy gold or other jewelry. Some even specialize in it. You will want to make sure the shop is reputable. Consequently, some items will be resold as is, while others may be melted down to be sold as raw material for other pieces of jewelry or coins. Therefore, if something is broken it is still worth the same.

What to Expect

Gold, silver and platinum will be inspected and weighed. For this reason, metals are sold and bought by weight. The market varies from day to day, so exact prices are hard to guess. Gems will be looked over as well. A fair offer will be made to you and upon your decision and some paperwork, cash will be in your hand.

Items You Can Sell and Buy

As long as your jewelry is real, it can be bought by a pawn shop. Here are some examples of what you can sell:

  • gold chains
  • gold bars
  • necklaces
  • bracelets
  • gold watches
  • gold rings
  • cufflinks
  • class rings
  • charms
  • all other precious metal items including silver

There are limitless belongings that could be made from sellable materials. Cups, dish ware or even buttons are sometimes made of silver and it can all be bought. Even broken or damaged items still hold their value. Therefore, if you are unsure that your things are worth anything or able to be sold, go ahead and bring it in. It never hurts to ask.

There are not too many ways to make a decent amount of cash the same day with no work. So whether you want or need cash or are just cleaning house or downsizing your jewelry box, selling is a perfect solution. So, fortunately it’s as easy as finding a good pawn shop and bringing your stuff into them. With a fair and easy process your unwanted items will be on their way to a new home and you will be heading home with money in your pocket.

Finally, we cannot predict what is worth something. You should take a chance and come in and show us.

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