Thinking of Selling Your Gold?

Cash for Gold in Woodbridge VA

gold jewelryShiny, glimmering, enticing and extravagant – must be gold! For thousands of years gold and other precious metals and gems have been the envy of many. A glittery and gorgeous array of jewelry can evoke feelings of wealth and power, giving immediate unspoken signals of social status. Gemstones have long been utilized for their metaphysical properties. Even silverware and pottery can adorn your home with lavishness. Some prefer these material things, but to others, cash is king. And that may be what prompts you to ask yourself – should I get cash for gold? At USA Gold & Jewelry Exchange you can get cash for gold in Woodbridge VA. 

Reason You Might Want to Sell

When selling any belongings, the decision can be very personal. The reasons for it vary widely. Choosing to sell your precious metals provides you with instant money. Most people have found themselves needing quick cash at some point. Perhaps for:

  • catching up on bills
  • school expenses – books, clothes, tuition
  • car repairs – often a costly and surprising event
  • medical bills
  • extra cash for holiday shopping

Maybe the additional income isn’t needed, but simply wanted. Not all jewels and gold are favored by people. Especially if it’s broken or outdated. It is very likely you would rather have a new handbag or tool than a broken gold chain. A new piece of desirable jewelry or engagement ring could be purchased with the money.

If sentiment is keeping you from selling, ask yourself about the purpose of the item. Does it really mean anything if it’s kept in a box never to be worn? Is it something you would really miss? Are there other memories that can be cherished without the item? Attachment to an item can make it harder to sell, but remember that someone else will love the piece too. So why keep it in box when you can get cash for gold in Woodbridge VA.

How To Sell Your Jewelry

There are several options for selling your jewelry. You could find someone willing to buy it, mail in to a company that buys metals or take it to a pawn shop.  We think you should come into our store, without an appointment, and sell us your stuff.

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