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At USA Gold & Jewelry Exchange, we are passionate about new watches, old watches, but mostly our pawn shop watches. We buy and sell all types of watches. We deal in a wide variety of timepieces, from stainless steel quartz watches to solid gold automatics. Our staff is highly knowledgeable when it comes to the current market of watches, which allows us to get you the most cash. You can also find quality pawn shop watches to buy.

USA Gold & Jewelry Exchange has the right equipment to evaluate your watch to ensure that it is handled with care and professionalism. Our tools are state of the art and our team is trained in the authentication and appraisal of your timepiece. When evaluating your watch, we will look over the cosmetic and operating condition, and take into account whether you have original packaging.

If you’re a collector of fine watches, it’s time to trade in some of your unused wrist jewelry for cash. If you’ve taken good care of your wrist piece, you may find that it appraises for close to what you paid for it. This is because luxury watches are timeless, literally. They don’t depreciate like many other valuables do. In fact, in some cases, pawn shop watches increase in value. Many collectors are on the hunt for fine timepieces that are from different eras. If your watch has a special story or history behind it, you may even find that it’s worth more than you expected. Whether you have an antique Rolex or a fairly new Cartier Tank, we believe that you should get the best price possible for your watches.

We believe that one man’s downgrade is another man’s upgrade. Here are a few pawn shop watches we can appraise to buy from you, or sell to you.

      • Rolex watches
      • Gold watches
      • Platinum watches
      • Luxury Brand Watches
      • Tag Heuer watches
      • Breitling watches
      • Gucci Watches
      • Movado Watches
      • Antique and Vintage watches

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