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Need To Downsize? Bring Your Items To Us!

Through the years, perhaps you have accumulated a lot of things. This doesn’t just apply to decor and other things you display in your living room or kitchen. It can also be jewelry and precious items. Whether you like it or not, you don’t just give away your jewelry to anyone because you just bought a new one, right? You tend to keep it, and before you know it, you are already keeping a lot of jewelry such as watches, rings, earrings, and a lot more.

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selling gold

Sell Your Gold To Us!

If you have invested in gold in the past, you should thank yourself. Your gold can be your lifesaver, especially when there will come a time when you are short in cash. You don’t need to borrow money from your friends or relatives anymore or go to your bank to get some loans. You can sell your gold and get instant cash. The gold buying business is very popular these days. Did you know that some people are buying gold when they can to sell it when the right time comes? The value of gold doesn’t depreciate at all; it can only increase as time passes by.

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diamond vs cubic zirconia

Difference Between CZ and Diamonds

When shopping for an engagement ring, you probably would want to look for something marvelous and extra special. Perhaps a diamond ring for that special someone? A diamond ring is probably one of the most popular jewelry in society. It is colorless or slightly yellowish stone with the ability to reflect and refract light ways, making it appear more magnificent as it gives all colors of the rainbow.

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luxury watch

What To Look For When Buying A Used Luxury Watch

Some people are attracted to luxury items such as watches. For them, buying luxury watches is a way to treat themselves. Aside from that, isn’t it nice to look at a stunning statement piece strapped on your wrist? It makes you feel proud and boosts your self-confidence too.  However, they are not considered luxury watches for nothing. They are called luxury watches because of the designer and its hefty price. 

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cash for gold

Cash For Gold

There will come a time in our lives when we are left unprepared, and we have to face certain situations that caught us off guard. In most cases, people feel helpless when they encounter an emergency such as getting into an accident, losing something or someone, and they don’t have some money to spend on healthcare costs or insurance of some sort. Some people save money for emergency purposes, but some have to live paycheck to paycheck.

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jewelry pawn shop

Benefits of Buying Used Jewelry

Are you looking for the best anniversary gift for your husband or wife? Or are you planning to pop the big question and propose to your loved one soon? Yet you don’t know where to find the best place to get jewelry for an affordable price? If your answers are YES, then here’s the good news for you — why not purchase jewelry at a pawn shop instead of buying a brand new one?

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Why Gold is Heavy but Soft?

You have probably encountered the element Gold since grade school. It is one of the elements under Transition Metal with an atomic number of 79. Gold is shiny yellow in color if placed under standard conditions. It is very dense, heavy, and solid at room temperature. Despite being a heavy metal, gold is also very soft and malleable. In fact, it is the most malleable metal so it can be pounded into very thin sheets. According to the American Museum of Natural History, a thin sheet that could form and spread to more than a hundred square feet area with just an ounce of gold. 

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cleaning jewelry

Tips For Cleaning Gold And Silver Jewelry

We all love fine jewelry made from gold and silver. Most of us collect them, not only because they are sound investments, but also because they are beautiful to wear. It adds a statement to our fashion style. However, like any other item, our gold and silver jewelry may get dull and dirty over time. The good thing is there are many ways to clean and polish our gold and silver pieces to bring back its spark and luster. Read on below to learn how to clean your jewelry items like a pro.

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Differentiating Between Real and Fake Gemstones

According to a famous quote, “Gemstones have a beauty that is not like anything else. It allows light inside and refracts it”. Indeed, gemstones are beautiful creations especially when they shine. However, contrary to what we used to believe, not all stones that glitter are genuine. If you find interest in buying precious stones and gemstones, then it is important to learn how to spot real gemstones in order not to be duped into buying human-made imitations. 

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gold jewelry

Gold to Boom after Fed’s Coronavirus Rate Cut

It is not new that the latest novel coronavirus does not only affect the people but the economy as well. More and more people are getting scared of the stability of the government and how they can fully assist their countrymen with the pandemic that is currently experienced in the world. Would the virus lead to a global economic downturn? And will we be able to recover from this pandemic, medically and economically? These are just a few of the questions that cross our minds. Read more