Spring has Sprung

sprungSpring is a time for soothing breezes, afternoon picnics, open windows and of course the latest trends in gorgeous jewelry. Gemstones are available in all the colors of the rainbow. Floral pinks, pastel blues, shimmering yellow and glorious lavenders accent spring wardrobes and bring smiles along with the warmer weather. Add sparkle to your fingers with a breathtaking ruby or elegance to your wrist with an amazing sapphire. Mix and match gold, platinum and glorious stones to achieve a look that appeals to your senses.

Diamonds always enchant and sparkle for their lucky owners. Engagement rings call out to be gifted in the spring and it is the perfect time of the year for a lovely friendship ring. Bring in the spring with tinkling golden earrings or create a symphony of beautiful music with a trio of platinum bangle bracelets. A stylish watch assures you time will forever be on your side and cuff links make a statement of taste and class.

Perhaps you are ready for a spring cleaning. When your gold jewelry no longer brings a sparkle to your eyes it may be time to sell the pieces you no longer desire. Maybe you require money for an unexpected car repair or medical bill. Sometimes you just want something new or different. Take your old gold chains, charms, bracelets and rings and put them to a good use. Unused silver cufflinks are a waste sitting in your drawer. It is always worth a few moments to find out how much your old class ring is worth. Clean house and make some money at the same time.

Make your favorite aunts birthday special this spring with a gorgeous brooch or pin. Perhaps a favored nephew could use an elegant set of cufflinks for his new job. An anniversary band winking with diamonds will make your wife smile and needs no occasion. Rejoice in the spirit of spring with antique jewelry or an extravagant cluster ring. Give your daughter a lovely gold pendant or a special charm.

When you put on that blue dress you adore why not have a necklace and earrings to match that extroidianary blue. You can truly complete your outfit and feel so good about the way you look. Buy that stone with the amazing purple color and then buy an outfit to match. Jewelry is an expression of who you are. You can be bold or sedate, charming or absolutely alluring, the choice is yours.

Make this a spring you will remember fondly. Stop talking about what you wish you had and go out and get it. Clean out those drawers and sell what you no longer want or need. You only go through this world once so why not make it a magnificent ride.

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