Fall Fashions and Fine Jewelry

fall_goldAs summer slides into fall, many men and women look for ways to change up their wardrobe. A few good scarves and some well chosen sweaters can help update any wardrobe for the autumn season. The same is true of accessories. Fall makes the perfect time to add new jewelry to your wardrobe. When picking all fall jewelry, it helps to keep a few basic ideas in mind. Think about fall colors, activities and fabrics. Each piece of jewelry should fit in well with other items in your wardrobe. All jewelry pieces should also help add a touch of understated elegance to your overall look. Look for timeless pieces that help bring out your best features. Classic lines are always in style and will help take you from a day at the office to an evening fall wine tasting.

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Diamonds are Indeed a Girl’s Best Friend

diamond ringYou’ve probably heard that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Have you ever wondered why that is the case?

Diamonds are the world’s most popular gemstone. They have become the recognized symbol for the steadfast love that exists between a couple. Diamonds are forever and can not be destroyed, which is what everyone hopes for when they have found the love of their lives.

Here are some other reasons why diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend:


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Celebrities and their Jewels

The “star” factor of jewelry

When you hear the word “star” in regards to celebrities, an image of a person dressed to the nines and dripping in jewels on the red carpet usually comes to mind. Celebrities and their bling are a familiar sight in Hollywood. When a celebrity wants to tell the world they have “made it” in showbiz, you can be sure that they will go big with their jewelry.
Many famous women favor rings with large stone settings, delicate diamond-studded tennis bracelets, and eye-catching necklaces. Nothing says power or glam like a sparkling pair of earrings with an elegant up-do. When it comes to formal events, large show-stopper accessories are temporarily lended to a starlet for the evening.
Women don’t get to have all the fun when it comes to jewelry. Male celebs like showing off their wealth, too! Gold chains, rings, and fancy brand-name watches are favorite jewelry pieces of male celebrities. Even diamond-studded grills aren’t out of the question.

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Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelet is a name assigned to a simple, flexible bracelet set with stones all around the wrist. It fits close to your arm, rather than a bracelet with charms hanging off or a solid ring of metal, like a bangle bracelet.

Traditional Tennis Bracelet Construction

Generally, tennis bracelets are set with diamonds and made of gold, but many other stones and metals are available to produce a subtle, elegant piece of jewelry. While most tennis bracelets have hearty clasps to prevent losing them, as Chris Evert did during a match in 1987, thus naming this piece of jewelry, some are designed to slide over your hand. If you have large hands, you probably want to find one with a durable clasp that’s easy to fasten with your other hand; otherwise the bracelet will hang away from your arm, breaking the clean line intended for tennis bracelets.

Additionally, because tennis bracelets are completely circled by stones, if they don’t fit snugly you can snag your clothing or catch the bracelet and may break the clasp or a link.

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Water Damage and Rolex Watches


Maybe you took that “water resistant” indication too seriously, or maybe you just had bad luck. Whatever the case, you’ve gotten your Rolex wet, and suddenly it has gone from being a prized timepiece to a sort of time bomb: if water gets into the movement, you have about ten days to fix it before your Rolex turns into a bracelet. If it was wine (for instance) you may only have a day or two.

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Engagement Rings Springfield VA

Types of Engagement Rings for your Sweetheart

If you want to make someone happy with a special ring, it helps to know something about them and what they are looking for. Of course, you know a lot of that already, and that is why you decided to look for something special for your sweetheart. That is also why you are getting engaged.


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April Showers bring May Wedding Proposals

proposalsThere is no doubt that human beings are affected by nature and seasonal shifts and changes. In the winter, residents of northern climes are regularly affected by a bad case of the blues known as seasonal affective disorder. Even residents in warmer climates experience a definite change of pace during the winter months. Summer is a time when schedules become less rigid, days are longer and the focus changes to travel, vacations and more leisurely pursuits.

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Benefits of Owning Rolex and Other High-End Watches

It is an unquestionable fact that if you own a Rolex, you have one of the finest timepieces in the world. Of course, a Rolex is much more than a fine timepiece. It is classy. It is tasteful. It is a work of art. A Rolex makes a statement. It says a lot about the person who is wearing it. It takes a certain kind of person to truly appreciate a Rolex and other high-end watches. But is it really worth spending that much money on a watch? To the discerning people of the world, the answer is yes. Definitely, yes. There are indeed many benefits of owning a high-end watch.

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Spring has Sprung

sprungSpring is a time for soothing breezes, afternoon picnics, open windows and of course the latest trends in gorgeous jewelry. Gemstones are available in all the colors of the rainbow. Floral pinks, pastel blues, shimmering yellow and glorious lavenders accent spring wardrobes and bring smiles along with the warmer weather. Add sparkle to your fingers with a breathtaking ruby or elegance to your wrist with an amazing sapphire. Mix and match gold, platinum and glorious stones to achieve a look that appeals to your senses.

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How To Choose Estate Jewelry

Older fashions are coming back into style, and that means that estate jewelry is becoming especially popular among young people. In general, people use the term to refer to antique jewelry that has been part of an estate sale. That means that there are plenty of different styles to choose from, which can complicate the search for a perfect piece of jewelry. Fortunately, finding the right piece can be easy if you can keep a few tips in mind.


Shop By Material

Styles can come and go over the years, but the fundamental qualities of gold, silver, and other materials remain the same. As such, it is usually easiest to start the search by narrowing down the options according to the materials in the piece.

Start by choosing a metal. Gold, platinum, and silver are the most common options by a very large margin, but other metals are sometimes available. The main factors to consider at this stage are the appearance and value of the metal. Platinum is extremely popular, but it is also expensive when it is reasonably pure. Gold is cheaper, and gold-plated pieces are a common way to get the appearance of gold at a significantly lower price. Silver is often cheaper, but it requires special care to keep it in good shape.

This is also the best time to start thinking about jewels. Many fine pieces lack them, but they can also add a great deal of value and beauty. Valuable gemstones are fairly common in vintage jewelry, with the most valuable stones being diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Semiprecious stones are often just as beautiful, but they also tend to be much cheaper, so they’re a good choice for shoppers on a budget.

Shop By Period

Several centuries worth of estate jewelry are on the market today. Many of the oldest pieces come from the Victorian era, but they tend to be both expensive and difficult to find compared to younger jewelry. The newer pieces come from the early part of the 20th century.

People with an interest in a period of history can own a piece of it by purchasing estate jewelry. Shoppers who don’t have that kind of interest can still use this as an easy way to find the right style. Jewelry, like every other part of fashion, changed over time. Shoppers who can find a period that they like will have an easy time finding appealing pieces. A few periods deserve special attention:


  • For striking designs that incorporate elements from the Middle East and Asia, look for pieces from the Art Deco period.
  • People who want big, bright pieces should turn their attention to the middle of the 20th century, right after the end of World War Two.
  • Older periods offer a variety of somber designs that will go well with understated outfits.

Check For Damage

Estate jewelry is always used, and that means that it might be scratched or otherwise damaged. Be sure to check each piece for damage before making a purchase. If it does appear to be damaged, try to find out the cost of repairing it before making your final decision. It isn’t necessary to pass up a good deal because the piece has a few scratches, but it is necessary to make an informed decision on the topic.