Differentiating Between Real and Fake Gemstones

According to a famous quote, “Gemstones have a beauty that is not like anything else. It allows light inside and refracts it”. Indeed, gemstones are beautiful creations especially when they shine. However, contrary to what we used to believe, not all stones that glitter are genuine. If you find interest in buying precious stones and gemstones, then it is important to learn how to spot real gemstones in order not to be duped into buying human-made imitations. 

How are you going to know if the gemstone is real or not? Follow the steps below:

  • Real gemstones are not perfect

Gemstones are nature’s creations. It is normal to see some flaws in them since it is not polished artificially. However, this doesn’t lessen its value. It is not right to determine the authenticity of the stone based on its radiance as some fake gemstones can even shine brighter and look more perfect than the genuine stones. An easy way to determine if a gemstone is by looking at its inclusion through a magnifying glass. You can normally find spots, cracks, scratches, and spots. Real ones are also denser and heavier. 


  • Check the color

Another way to check the authenticity of the gemstone is by checking its color. Real gemstones have this unique, vibrant color. Place the stone under artificial light. Genuine stones should refract light more intensively, show better luster, and with an even color saturation. You can also use a magnifying glass to check the color concentration in the stone. If the stone shows unusual opacity, then more likely, it isn’t genuine.


  • Real gemstones are REALLY expensive

If you have been buying jewelry and precious stones before, then you will definitely agree that real gemstones don’t come cheap. This is the huge difference between real gemstones and man-made imitations. Some would even cost an arm and leg! Fake stones are mass-produced in the laboratories so it is just normal that they will be sold at a cheaper cost. Keep this in mind too, the more naturally transparent the stone is, the more expensive it is. 


  • Consider the seller

The most important thing to keep in mind when planning to purchase a gemstone is to buy only from trusted sellers. You don’t come across genuine gemstones often as they are so rare and you can only get them from credible and trusted sellers. When someone is selling you a gemstone, discreetly check the credibility of the seller. Apart from that, you will know if the seller is credible enough based on his knowledge about the gemstone.  

Every gemstone has a fake counterpart sold in the market that looks exactly the same, so be cautious when purchasing one. While low prices can be really tempting, don’t get duped into this trap. Better yet, seek assistance from a professional Gemologist in determining the authenticity of a gemstone before buying one.

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