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Engagement Season is Upon Us!

Christmas is not just the most wonderful time of the year because it is a holiday but also because it is the engagement season again. Love is in the air during the holidays not just for family and friends but also for couples. Engagement season is upon us again during this time of the year!

Popping the million-dollar question to your sweetheart this Christmas is not a bad idea. In fact, it guarantees that all your family and friends are free to celebrate your engagement with you. So is your engagement ring ready for the most-awaited proposal? If not, then keep on reading to find the best engagement for you and your loved ones this Christmas season.


  • Two-tone engagement ring

The two-tone engagement ring is one of the most popular choices today. It’s for the couple who are into fashion trends; it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the brilliant stones on the ring, with the second tone to emphasize it. 


  • Oval engagement ring

The oval engagement ring is currently the most popular shape of an engagement ring and is perfect for women who deserve nothing less than regal attention. It makes their delicate fingers appear slender. It gives the classic yet aristocratic look that many women love. 


  • Two-stone engagement ring

Why settle for one stone when you can have two, right? If you want to do away with the usual look of an engagement ring, then a two-stone engagement ring is the best option for you. You can even make your partner fall for you even deeper by explaining to her that the two stones represent both of you — two hearts that beat like one or two souls that form a bond; whichever sounds more romantic. 


  • Vintage engagement ring

If you would like to have something that represents your love for each other which stood the test of time, then go for a vintage engagement ring. Regardless of the number of stones present and the design, vintage engagement rings should be given to someone that is as beautiful, as precious, and of great worth.


  • Moissanite engagement ring

Moissanite engagement rings are a popular type of engagement ring for those who want a stone as sparkly as diamonds, yet not as pricey. Moissanite stone has almost the same clarity and shine as diamonds and is also available in many cuts and styles. 


  • Colored engagement ring

Another fabulous looking engagement ring that doesn’t cost as much is the engagement ring with colored stones. You can choose stunning colors that your woman would love and you will definitely get a huge ‘Yes’ when you pop out the big question.


  • Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Also known as “Fancy blacks,” the black diamond ring is less common than the others mentioned above but it is just as stunning and  unique for someone that is less traditional. They are also considered more affordable than the traditional colorless diamond ring.

The holiday season is the perfect time to celebrate a milestone in life. Head to USA Gold & Jewelry Exchange to find the perfect engagement ring today!

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