How to Find an Engagement Ring to Fit Your Budget

engagement ringBuying an engagement ring is a very important task. Your engagement ring symbolizes your love and dedication to your future spouse. You certainly want a piece of jewelry that will let your fiance know how much you truly care for them. For most men, buying an engagement ring is their first experience purchasing jewelry. Knowing how much you can afford and understanding the types of rings available is very important to picking the perfect ring.

Keep in mind that the engagement ring will be completed with the wedding band at your ceremony. Your engagement ring spending budget should take into consideration that there is additional spending later down the road. You want to find a ring that is stunning and fits into your budget.

Establish An Engagement Ring Budget

The most important decision to make when deciding how much to spend on a ring is your budget. When you go into a jewelry shop the first thing that you should discuss with employees is what price range you are looking to stay in. This will allow them to offer you the best selections that will not cost more than you are willing to spend.

Buying an engagement ring should not put you into debt. Some old school folks believe that an engagement ring should cost two months salary. That is absurd. You can get a stunning and meaningful ring without running yourself into the ground financially.


Plan on Which Type of Band You Will Buy

To find the best ring that fits into your budget, you will first need to decide which metal the band will be made of. The most popular types of engagement band metals are yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum and silver.

Yellow gold is the classic engagement ring metal type. It is a soft metal that is very easy to polish and restore to its original shine. Platinum metal band are the strongest and most durable. Since the engagement ring will only be worn a long time, the durability of the ring may not be much of a concern.

Currently, the most popular type of metal engagement rings are white gold or silver. These are very popular among women because of their visual appeal. There is just something about the way the silver and white gold metals reflect light to shine and sparkle.


Diamond Stone Considerations

When you are making decisions regarding the stone on your engagement ring, remember cut, color, clarity and carat weight. The diamond cut refers to the stones angles and proportions. It is the only aspect of the stone that is not natural and can be manipulated by a jeweler. Diamond color ranges from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow.) Diamond clarity involves any blemishes on the stone itself. These can be chemical or physical impurities. Finally the fourth consideration is carat weight. The heavier the carat weight of a diamond is the more costly it will be.

It isn’t difficult to find a beautiful engagement ring that fits into your budget. With proper planning and understanding what you want to buy, getting your engagement ring will be simple and stress free.

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