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Finding That Perfect Piece of Jewelry

Pawn shops such as USA Gold & Jewelry Exchange frequently process a wide array of different types and styles of jewelry. While many customers seek to pawn unwanted items for money, others spend extensive periods of time searching for goods to purchase at affordable prices. This brief blog article hopes to provide assistance to anyone seeking the perfect piece of jewelry!

Identify a Jewelry Buying Goal

In order to discover the perfect piece of jewelry, you’ll first want to spend a moment considering the reasons for your search. Do you seek an attractive item of jewelry to wear yourself? Or have you decided to hunt for a gift for a loved one? Do you expect to re-sell your purchase at a boutique or online? Will the items you consider mark a special occasion, such as an anniversary, a birthday, or a holiday? What price range will you consider? Finally, what specific jewelry product(s) will you consider: a ring, a brooch, a necklace, a pendant, a tie clip, a bracelet, or other selections?

Begin by asking yourself these questions in order to narrow and refine your search. Many pawn shops receive a variety of different types of jewelry. Some offer both fine jewelry and less expensive “costume” jewelry choices. While you’ll likely need to pay significantly more to obtain the former, it usually makes sense to shop with a specific budget in mind. If you do discover a remarkable bargain, you can take advantage of the opportunity more readily by keeping your purchasing goals clearly in mind.

Evaluating Fine Jewelry

Most pawn shops endeavor to assist customers in identifying the materials used in jewelry items accurately. Unfortunately, in some cases, this task may prove challenging. For example, numerous manufacturers today produce highly realistic imitations of natural gemstones. In general, natural gems command higher prices than factory produced stones (although exceptions do occur). Consider consulting information supplied by the International Gem Society, the Gemological Institute of America or other gemology organizations to learn more about specific gems.

Many jewelry makers imprint company logos or identification marks on their products. However, this information may not remain visible in older pieces. In certain cases, customers find it helpful to request an appraisal of jewelry purchased from a pawn shop in order to gain an expert’s assessment of market value. The prices of jewelry items often vary widely based upon factors such as the manufacturer, the brand, the quality, the age, and the materials. The perfect piece of jewelry may simply resonate with a purchaser, regardless of constituent materials.

Further Information

Whether you buy or sell jewelry in the Woodbridge Area, the services available through USA Gold & Jewelry Exchange will interest you! We offer clean, quality merchandise in a variety of categories (including fine jewelry). Visit us soon online or in person at 13877 Smoketown Road in Woodbridge. You may also call to request personal assistance by dialing 703-730-2283. We look forward to assisting you!

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