How To Store Your Expensive Jewelry Pieces

It’s important always to store your jewelry pieces safely and dry. Doing so will help protect your jewelry pieces’ colors, shapes, and designs, such as earrings, bracelets, and pendants. When storing your jewelry pieces, ensure that they are at least one inch off the ground. Depending on the type of piece you are storing and its cost, this can run as high as a half-inch, especially if you have platinum or gold jewelry pieces. Here are ways to store your expensive jewelry pieces.

Safety Deposit Box

If you are going to be traveling and are worried about your jewelry laying in plain sight in your home, acquiring a safety deposit box or a safe is a great option for storage. Every time you leave the house you can put your valuables in there to protect them from harm or from being stolen. 

Invest In a Jewelry Box

It’s important that you store your jewelry in a secure, dry place. When selecting the right jewelry box, look for one made of wood lined with velvet or satin. Upscale jewelers and stores like Tiffany & Co. also offer jewelry boxes made with ultra-violet paint, which will help protect your piece of jewelry from damage or loss.


It’s important that you keep your jewelry pieces in their proper locations. For example, keep your tiaras and diamond rings in boxes that are slightly larger than the actual piece of jewelry. Store these boxes in a jewelry chest. Use cloths or satin between each piece of jewelry to minimize damage.

Stackable Drawer Organizers

The next option for storing your jewelry pieces is a stackable drawer organizer. These organizers are great for storing rings, bracelets, and earrings. Stackable organizers can be purchased in many sizes and colors, including clear plastic, which allows you to see the actual piece of jewelry.


It’s important to properly store your jewelry pieces and prevent them from being damaged or lost. There are several ways to store your jewelry, including providing your piece of jewelry with a secure location and properly storing it. Regardless of how you choose to store your jewelry, remember always keep it safe and dry.

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