Shopping for Black Friday Deals

watchesBlack Friday is the one day of the year when Americans pack stores looking for the best deals for holiday gifts. There is one source for jewelry that won’t have you waiting in endless lines. Yet, bargains found in a pawn shop are the ideal place for harrowed Black Friday shoppers.

Shopping for Holiday Gifts on Black Friday

The best tip to shop at a pawn brokerage is to sell a piece of jewelry that has gone out of style but still has value. Then, buy another piece of jewelry from among the bracelets, watches, platinum, gold and silver designer jewelry to make short work of a holiday gift list.

“Pre-owned” vs. Pawned

The word “pawn” evokes memories of a time past when valuables could be sold in exchange for cash.

Today, that word is synonymous with “pre-owned” because many of the pieces of jewelry offered are in great or new condition. Some of these pieces include:

. Designer watches like Omega, Breitling and Rolex

. Diamond rings in a variety of styles and gemstone cuts from Victorian to Art Deco

. Earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces


Choosing a Professional Pawn Broker

The best way to shop on Black Friday at a pawn brokerage is to look for the most experienced broker with longest record in business.

In northern Virginia, there is a pawn broker with more than a quarter century of business experience. For customers shopping for holiday gifts, this assures them of excellent quality jewelry, based on years of knowledge and an excellent customer service reputation.

Shoppers find their broker provides jewelry that suits most any taste and style for men and women. This makes holiday gift decisions less stressful.

Jewelry is seen first hand. So there’s no guesswork on size, colors or designer brands. When it comes to watches, there’s nothing quite as impressive as a gift of a designer watch. If there is a holiday engagement planned, check out the stunning engagement rings available. Nothing says love during the holidays like a diamond engagement ring.


Jewelry Gifts for Antique and Heirloom Lovers

There is bound to be someone on your gift list who would love to own a piece of estate jewelry from Cartier, Bulgari or Harry Winston. Your broker can provide authentication of each estate jewelry piece.

Often, estate jewelry has quite an interesting history. For example, if you choose a DeBeers diamond that was sold to your broker by the estate of a celebrity, this adds to the value of the piece as a gift.

When buying jewelry from your broker for others, choose pieces that create family heirlooms. If you have a good eye for jewelry styles, the selection offered by your broker won’t disappoint.


A Treasure Chest of USA Jewelry

Shopping at a pawn broker is like opening a treasure chest full of sparkling jewels and precious metals. If you’ve never considered shopping for jewelry at a pawn brokerage, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the top names in jewelry you’ll find there.

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