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Summer Jewelry Trends

Summertime means bright clothing to beat the heat and cute jewelry to accent the outfits. When you were all wrapped during winter, wouldn’t it be great to know that this summer, you can show off your fashion-centered side? Through the past years, people have been wearing summer jewelry as part of the summer trends. 

Gold Body Chains and Pendants
Gold has been the craze these last couple of years. From home decor to jewelry, everyone is looking for a way to incorporate this beautiful element in their everyday lives. Gold jewelry can help show off that nice tan you’ve been working on this summer. Wear a cute body chain under your swimsuit or tank. Pair a gold pendant with your outfit for a night out or even the day!

Sunglass chains

You once thought that sunglasses with chains are only for grandmas and grandpas. Well, you are about to get disappointed because sunglass chains have become the latest jewelry trend today. Whether the chain is made of brushed gold or pearl, you will become a fashion icon among your friends if you replace your ordinary sunnies with sunglasses chains.

Hoop earrings

The use of hoop earrings has dated way back in the Roman Empire as a symbol of their cultural pride. Its popularity has cooled off many decades ago. And now, it has been on the latest trend to have this year. With the new addition to note — the more unique and the more tweaks it has, the trendier it is. 

Colored and beaded Jewelry

Gone are the days when tassel jewelry is a must-have in every woman. In are the colorful beads and pieces of jewelry. With this trend, you no longer have to worry about matching the colors to your outfit. Just play with them and get lively.


Summer is fun and you should take the chance to get the best out of your summer jewelry. During summer, it’s all about being bold and colorful. Match your artsy side with summer jewelry and be daring and have fun this summer!

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