Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelet is a name assigned to a simple, flexible bracelet set with stones all around the wrist. It fits close to your arm, rather than a bracelet with charms hanging off or a solid ring of metal, like a bangle bracelet.

Traditional Tennis Bracelet Construction

Generally, tennis bracelets are set with diamonds and made of gold, but many other stones and metals are available to produce a subtle, elegant piece of jewelry. While most tennis bracelets have hearty clasps to prevent losing them, as Tennis BraceletChris Evert did during a match in 1987, thus naming this piece of jewelry, some are designed to slide over your hand. If you have large hands, you probably want to find one with a durable clasp that’s easy to fasten with your other hand; otherwise the bracelet will hang away from your arm, breaking the clean line intended for tennis bracelets.

Additionally, because tennis bracelets are completely circled by stones, if they don’t fit snugly you can snag your clothing or catch the bracelet and may break the clasp or a link.

Tennis Bracelet Options

Tennis bracelets are generally designed to be quite unobtrusive; while the gems may catch the light, this is not a splashy piece of jewelry. That being said, you can find or order a tennis bracelet that features gems other than diamonds, or perhaps gems in a variety of colors. For budget shoppers, it is possible to get a tennis bracelet set with less expensive or manufactured gems, or with colored glass.

Customizing Your Tennis Bracelet

If you have a favorite gemstone or just aren’t crazy about diamonds, consider building a tennis bracelet specific to your taste. You can build a tennis bracelet around your birthstone. You can also change up the links, getting creative with the design and building a tennis bracelet into a mother’s ring, loaded with the birthstones of all your children.


In addition to changing up the stones and building in a pattern, how about breaking away from gold? For teenagers and little girls, this is an excellent option. You can introduce young jewelry fans to this classic piece with little or no risk if the piece is lost or damaged, and the young ladies in your life can learn to care for and wear this classic design.

Damage Your Tennis Bracelet? Don’t Despair!

If your tennis bracelet has gotten damaged from a bump or by catching it on something, don’t panic! Broken and damaged jewelry still has value, though it will need to be assessed to determine what the remains are worth. For those whose tennis bracelets are damaged beyond repair, a knowledgeable jeweler can help you determine remaining worth.

Final Thoughts

A true tennis bracelet fits close and is elegant and easy to wear. This slim and understated piece of jewelry should never be the first thing to notice about a woman’s outfit, but should add grace and class to any outfit. You can enjoy this elegant touch for a great price thanks to the many new materials available. Happy shopping!

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