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We Buy Broken Gold!

In more recent years, people have been wiser with their investment. Many think twice before investing in things that depreciate or decrease their value over time. A good example is buying the latest cellphone out in the market today. The price of the latest model cellphone will decrease by almost 50 percent after two years or more. As a result, you don’t get to sell it for a higher price if you don’t want it anymore. 

So, what are the kinds of items you should invest in then? What items will increase in value later on? A good example is when you buy gold. Did you know that gold has an appreciative value? It means that when you buy gold, you can sell it higher than its original price. Gold is also something that you can store in a safe place, or you can wear it to complement your style, such as gold jewelry. With gold, you always have the resources to get money real quick. Do you need quick cash? Get your gold jewelry to a pawn shop and sell or pawn it and you get a good deal of money. 

What if your gold is broken?

So, what if it’s broken? Does it mean you cannot sell it anymore? One thing you need to realize about gold is that its value is not affected in whatever state it is in. Whether it is broken or not, its market value remains. A lot of pawnshops will buy them at top market rates. A good example is USA Gold & Jewelry. At USA Gold & Jewelry, we value your gold items on the total content of gold found in your jewelry regardless of its condition. Instead of keeping your broken gold necklace or bracelet in a jewelry box because you cannot wear it anymore, sell it to us!

Buying broken gold 

Jewelers and pawnshops are always looking for items that contain gold – whether it’s in jewelry or coins. The purer the item is, the better price you will have. This also means that any broken gold is still sellable. The only important thing you should take note of is when and where you should sell it. Your broken gold will be appraised, and the cash you will get will depend on the ounces or grams found on it. Then the amount of karats in each piece is also determined. Pure gold will get a higher rate; therefore, it is better if you separate your broken gold based on their karat because if you sell them all together, the pawnshop will weigh it all together and give you the lowest price.

There is no better place to sell your gold, whether it’s broken or not, than USA Jewelry.  They will appraise your gold to ensure you get a fair and accurate price. They put a value on your gold items so that they will assess them fairly. After all, your gold might be broken, but it is still gold.

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