Why Gold is Heavy but Soft?

You have probably encountered the element Gold since grade school. It is one of the elements under Transition Metal with an atomic number of 79. Gold is shiny yellow in color if placed under standard conditions. It is very dense, heavy, and solid at room temperature. Despite being a heavy metal, gold is also very soft and malleable. In fact, it is the most malleable metal so it can be pounded into very thin sheets. According to the American Museum of Natural History, a thin sheet that could form and spread to more than a hundred square feet area with just an ounce of gold. 

Apart from that, gold is also one of the most ductile metals. It can be stretched into a very long wire. But what makes gold so unique is that, even with these characteristics, it is not as brittle as other metals with the same density. 

Gold Characteristics

So, what makes gold so heavy yet so soft? The weight of Gold is brought about by its high density. Each atom of gold is very heavy on its own, making the element heavy too. Unlike other elements that are as heavy as tungsten, gold’s atoms are not so bonded to each other making it less brittle and easily shifted and shaped when working on it. This makes gold a great metal for jewelry. 

Aside from these unique characteristics of gold, it has also offered great value. It proves its worth more when currency no longer works. And unlike the currencies we use today, gold has kept its value throughout the centuries. It may have its down times too, but you can rest assured that it will go up and continue to increase its value. This particularly happens when the US dollar weakens. 

The years between 1998 and 2008 are the times when the value of the US dollar weakens against other nation’s currencies. It causes worries to many people which leads them to resort to gold security. With this, the price of gold increased for up to three times the usual price. 

Another unique characteristic of gold is that it is a great wall to lean on against inflation. It is one of the few assets you could have on which value increases as the cost of living increases. Its price also increases along with its demand. And there are numerous countries who put high regards to gold. India for instance has already considered gold as part of their culture, especially during weddings. China is another country that has an increasing demand for gold. The country considers gold bars as another form of saving. 

Gold is indeed a very unique and interesting metal — both in the periodic table and in the economy. A smart individual who wants to make a good investment should consider purchasing gold. You can start with a few jewelry items. Although it also has its moment of declination, gold has always kept its value for a very long period of time.  

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