diamond vs cubic zirconia

Difference Between CZ and Diamonds

When shopping for an engagement ring, you probably would want to look for something marvelous and extra special. Perhaps a diamond ring for that special someone? A diamond ring is probably one of the most popular jewelry in society. It is colorless or slightly yellowish stone with the ability to reflect and refract light ways, making it appear more magnificent as it gives all colors of the rainbow.

A diamond is known to be a symbol of endless love and is the most common choice when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. Giving a diamond ring is giving the girl a guarantee that a man’s intention and love is forever. Diamonds are beautiful, special, and almost has a sacred meaning. These are also the reasons why diamonds can be costly. 

If you love the appearance of diamonds, but your budget is constricted, you can consider buying an alternative – cubic zirconia. Some people say that it’s hard to distinguish a real diamond from cubic zirconia. Well, cubic zirconia or CZ, has been discovered in the late 1800s but has been used in jewelry since 1976. CZ is made of synthetic material that is not as hard as diamond. It is also not resistant to heat like a diamond that will never crack or burn even under high temperatures.  However, using just your naked eye can be hard to tell between a CZ and a real diamond. 

CZ and diamonds have a lot of similarities. CZ is generally used to mimic the visual and physical appearance of a real diamond. Here are some of the similarities that you should know:

  • Both are colorless and can be tinted with yellow, pink or blue.
  • Both are cut in a variety of shapes which helps in enhancing the light refractions
  • Both are durable. CZ is not as hard as diamond but can last for many years, making it a good substitute for diamond rings.

While both these stones shared something similar, the difference between CZ and diamonds can be checked too which includes:

  • Price. A diamond will cost many thousands of dollars, while a quality CX may cost less than just $200. 
  • Flawless. CZ is lab-created, so naturally, it is flawless. On the other hand, natural diamonds have flaws even if they are minor. 
  • Sparkle. Surprisingly, CZ sparkles more than a diamond. Jewelers call this CZ quality the stone’s fire.
  • Colorless. Colorless diamonds are rare and are said to be the most valuable gems, but the color is added to make it appear natural with CZ. This makes CZ appear more colorless compared to a real diamond.
  • Weight. CZ weighs more than a diamond. 
  • Cheap settings. CZ is affordable, so it’s rare to find it set in solid gold. Usually, CZ is used in gold plated jewelry. 

CZ and diamonds can look very much the same, but you can tell their difference if you look very carefully. You can also choose to take it to a jewelry store and let the experts do what they do best.  Contact USA Jewelry in Woodbridge VA for more information! 

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