Fall Fashions and Fine Jewelry

fall_goldAs summer slides into fall, many men and women look for ways to change up their wardrobe. A few good scarves and some well chosen sweaters can help update any wardrobe for the autumn season. The same is true of accessories. Fall makes the perfect time to add new jewelry to your wardrobe. When picking all fall jewelry, it helps to keep a few basic ideas in mind. Think about fall colors, activities and fabrics. Each piece of jewelry should fit in well with other items in your wardrobe. All jewelry pieces should also help add a touch of understated elegance to your overall look. Look for timeless pieces that help bring out your best features. Classic lines are always in style and will help take you from a day at the office to an evening fall wine tasting.

Fall Colors

Fall jewelry for many people is an ideal thing to help reflect the changing colors and sights of the season. This is the time to add thick gold and platinum to your wardrobe. A gold collar necklace is ideal for wonderful colors outside such as intensely yellow leaves. Many people also find this is the ideal time to buy and use items like ruby jewelry. A bright ruby bracelet or necklace fits in well with vivid fall sunsets and the soft browns and shades of oranges frequently seen at this time of year. White diamonds sparkle even brighter against a beautiful wool sweater or a classic black cashmere twinset.


Consider Fabrics

When the seasons start to cool, people turn to heavier fabrics when outside. Look for jewelry that works with material like jersey and leather. An elegant broach with lots of understated design is the ideal thing to put on a warm fall vest or attached to a long trailing scarf. Look for items that can stand up to cooler temperatures. An all season watch with a durable case is a good choice for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and thoughtfully designed pieces. Watches also pair well with many heavier fabrics for the man who wants something to wear with his fall wool suits.


Add Some Sparkle

This is the time of the year when the night comes earlier. As the days grow shorter, look for pieces that can offer a day into night look. A fine chain with a diamond pendant is the ideal thing to have on during the day and when hitting the dancing floor or just spending time by the fire. Smaller, more delicate pieces are also ideal at this time of the year as they allow the wearer to help bring attention to their lovely eyes and a nice bust. A sparkling bracelet across a wrist and well toned arms is a great way to help show off your shape and your devotion to fitness. Think about pieces that are elegant, versatile and lovely. Stop by USA Gold and Jewelry Exchange in Woodbridge to pick out pieces of varied fall jewelry and you’ll be perfectly prepared for fall.

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