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How to Find the Perfect (Affordable) Wedding Band

With young lovebirds facing financial challenges such as steep home prices and prolific student loans, traditional approaches to weddings, and all that comes with it, are changing. However, the desire for some traditions will always be with us, such as the beloved wedding band. It’s the most precious symbol of love and matrimony. Of course, classic wedding jewelry isn’t known for being affordable, but with an increasingly budget-conscious population, there are steps anyone can take to finding the perfect affordable wedding band. 



It may not be customary, but more and more young couples are opting to talk to one another about preferences before purchasing a ring. After all, shouldn’t you both be very sure you absolutely love the ring you have to wear every day for the rest of your lives? Knowing what your fiancé desires (and being able to communicate these desires to a professional) is the first step into making sure the wedding ring is perfect.

Set a Budget

Now that perfection has been checked off the list, how do you make sure you don’t spend 3 months’ rent on it? Every step of the wedding process requires a budget of some kind, and ring-buying is no exception. With so many options available, from your local department store to the world wide web, you can set this budget as low as $50.

Learn about Popular Wedding Band Metals

Wedding bands can be made of classic (expensive) metals such as platinum and yellow gold, but alternative and much more affordable metals are increasingly popular. For example, white gold shares a stunning visual likeness to platinum while being much less expensive. It’s a very popular option for buyers that seek a timeless and elegant wedding ring design. If you’re not completely bound by tradition but still want something in the ballpark of platinum or white gold, try titanium. It’s fairly inexpensive while being very strong, durable, light-weight and completely safe for your skin. There are several other options, such as Tungsten, Zirconium and even the lovely Rose Gold. You can read in more detail about these metals and how to care for them in ring form here.

Shop Wisely

Now that you have an idea of what the ring’s design should be, a comfy budget and a briefing on various ring metals, the last step is to go shopping. If you’re looking for a fairly simple and classic design, large stores with mass-produced designs would be a good bet (don’t forget to price match!). If you want something a little more unique, try a local or online jeweler who can customize the ring to your liking.

Even with these options in place, why pay full price? If you’re really aiming to save money, why stop at studying metal types and browsing big box stores? Stop by and browse the ring inventory at USA Jewelry. Let them help you find the perfect, affordable wedding band.

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