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Need To Downsize? Bring Your Items To Us!

Through the years, perhaps you have accumulated a lot of things. This doesn’t just apply to decor and other things you display in your living room or kitchen. It can also be jewelry and precious items. Whether you like it or not, you don’t just give away your jewelry to anyone because you just bought a new one, right? You tend to keep it, and before you know it, you are already keeping a lot of jewelry such as watches, rings, earrings, and a lot more.

You can never have too much jewelry. Well, yes, that is correct, but when you need to downsize, it means you should let go of some of your pieces of jewelry and other possessions that you no longer use or become less attractive to you. Perhaps you don’t go out as often as before, or you don’t attend parties that require dressing up and wearing pieces of jewelry to match the outfit. If that is the case, downsizing is your best option. However, does downsizing means throwing or giving your jewelry to someone else?

Do you need to downsize?  You might as well make a bit of money in the process. It can be tough to begin when going through your pieces of jewelry and stuff. What items should go? Which item doesn’t bring you joy anymore? Should you focus more on the price or the sentimental value of the item? Bringing your items to a pawn shop can help lessen the burden of choosing. By bringing your jewelry to a pawnshop, they can give a fair amount of money in exchange for your items. You lose an item, but you get money for it – which you can use to buy other things.

Bring your items to us!

When downsizing, bring your items to USA Gold & Jewelry. We can give you an evaluation of your valuable items. For whatever reason you need instant cash, USA Gold & Jewelry can accept all types of things with value, such as jewelry. We will provide you the right amount of money for your item but sell it for less because we don’t spend money on advertising, getting a middleman, and other overhead costs. 

Why go to USA Gold & Jewelry?

There are a lot of pawnshops you can go to, but USA Gold & Jewelry is by far one of the best options for you in Northern VA significantly when you are looking to downsize. USA Gold & Jewelry has licensed and bonded professional precious metal buyers serving Northern VA since 1991. We have the most qualified individuals to cater to your specific needs. And because we don’t have a middleman, you can get the most money out of your item. You can come to our shop, and if you don’t like the terms and agreement, you can always leave with your item. 

Downsizing can be challenging, but by bringing your items to USA Gold & Jewelry, it can still be a fun process. Sell your items and add extra money to your wallet.

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