Times You Should Not be Wearing Your Engagement Ring

engagement ringAn engagement ring is a lovely thing to have. The ring symbolizes many things. It symbolizes the love that couples have for each other. It also symbolizes a promise to marry. Many people adore wearing their engagement rings all through the year. However, while wearing the ring reminds people of a special bond they have with someone else, there are times where it is better not to wear this ring. Many couples want to make sure that their rings stays in the best shape possible. A ring is often made from valuable materials and can also serve as an heirloom to pass on to children. It is, therefore, a good idea to do everything possible to help preserve the ring in great condition as long as the person owns it.

When Not Awake


It’s a good idea to take off any engagement ring when sleeping. As people sleep, they may move about during their slumber. People can move their fingers even when they are not aware of doing so. An engagement ring is often a highly delicate item that has parts like gold and diamonds. Such parts, while durable, can be damaged by accident as the person moves. The ring can also accidentally hurt another person who is in bed with them. When people take rings off before they are heading for bed, they can make sure the ring is safely stored away in a drawer. This way, it remains in safe and protected space no matter what they’re doing as they sleep.


Swimming and Other Water Sports


Another time when it’s probably best to avoid wearing an engagement ring is when showering or doing any kind of water sports. It’s a good idea to take off the ring when heading for the bath. Bathtubs are made from thick metal and often have stones and tiles lining the sides. People are best putting the rings away from such potentially dangerous materials that may crack a center stone or warp the metal setting. The same is true of water. It’s best to avoid getting water on the ring. Water can get inside the setting and cause issues. The same is true of salt water. Salt water can pose problems for many metals and lead to problems that can compromise the quality of the ring. Take them off before heading out to that beach.


Medical Issues


Most medical authorities also advise people to take off their rings when undergoing any kind of medical procedure. A medical facility may need to take the person for an x-ray or other medical test. It’s best to keep the engagement ring at home before any medical issues. Even if the facility lets the person take them off at the facility, the ring can easily be lost. A person may not be allowed to have their bags with them at all times. Leaving the ring at home is the best way to keep the ring safe and sound as anyone undergoes any kind of personal medical procedure.

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