Jewelry Trends for Spring/Summer 2018

summer_JewelryJewelry can instantly make anyone feel cultured with artful expression of one’s personal taste and style. Whether you’re familiar with accessorizing with jewelry to enhance your looks or still experimenting to find charms that match your wardrobe, looking to the trends of the year will inspire you with new ideas. The jewelry trends for spring and summer 2018 are fresh off the runway and give a sheepish nod to the late 1900s. Here are five trending jewelry pieces that should adorn your body this season!

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Style Your Spring Wardrobe With Jewelry

spring jewelrySpring is here! What are you going to wear? Now is the time to don colorful clothing and bright accessories to showcase the light tones of the season. Spring brings to mind vibrant flowers and easy living and your look should reflect this happy time of year.

It’s important to update your wardrobe with signature pieces you can wear during the spring or all year round! Woman and men alike love the look of flashy jewelry whether they’re dressing up or going to a casual get-together. Our simple guide will help you find the right jewelry for spring.

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White Gold vs Platinum Rings

white gold ringsWhen buying a ring for yourself or a loved one, the decision to choose between platinum and white gold can seem near impossible, but remember there are many differences in the white metals that may narrow things down. Although they may look alike on the surface, the inside is often what counts and that is where the similarities end.


Before you make a purchase on the many options, you may want to have all the facts first, so below is a list of the 3 biggest differences between platinum and white gold rings:

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Times You Should Not be Wearing Your Engagement Ring

engagement ringAn engagement ring is a lovely thing to have. The ring symbolizes many things. It symbolizes the love that couples have for each other. It also symbolizes a promise to marry. Many people adore wearing their engagement rings all through the year. However, while wearing the ring reminds people of a special bond they have with someone else, there are times where it is better not to wear this ring. Many couples want to make sure that their rings stays in the best shape possible. A ring is often made from valuable materials and can also serve as an heirloom to pass on to children. It is, therefore, a good idea to do everything possible to help preserve the ring in great condition as long as the person owns it.

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Get the Gift That You Really Want

necklaceIf you have lived through more than a few birthdays and holidays, then it is very possible that you have experienced the tragedy of receiving a terrible gift, or at least NOT receiving the gift that you really did want. While you can’t expect your gift-buying loved ones to be mind-readers, you still want something a little more personal than a gift certificate. Here are some ways to help ensure that the next holiday is not one requiring you to return a gift.


Out of sight, out of mind

We would all love to have friends and family “know us” well enough to know what we like, but that can end up being a futile wish. Most of us are not surrounded by detectives trained to pick up on our personal nuances (like whether we wear white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold). The point is that you need to actually get the idea of the gifts that you desire into their minds. Sometimes it’s as simple as mentioning exactly what you want, tactically suggested in the midst of other conversation. You could also have pictures circled from magazines and flyers casually left open on the coffee table, or those perfect earrings coincidentally displayed on the browser page you left open. It’s just something to plant the seed.

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Shopping for Black Friday Deals

watchesBlack Friday is the one day of the year when Americans pack stores looking for the best deals for holiday gifts. There is one source for jewelry that won’t have you waiting in endless lines. Yet, bargains found in a pawn shop are the ideal place for harrowed Black Friday shoppers.

Shopping for Holiday Gifts on Black Friday

The best tip to shop at a pawn brokerage is to sell a piece of jewelry that has gone out of style but still has value. Then, buy another piece of jewelry from among the bracelets, watches, platinum, gold and silver designer jewelry to make short work of a holiday gift list.

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Fall Fashions and Fine Jewelry

fall_goldAs summer slides into fall, many men and women look for ways to change up their wardrobe. A few good scarves and some well chosen sweaters can help update any wardrobe for the autumn season. The same is true of accessories. Fall makes the perfect time to add new jewelry to your wardrobe. When picking all fall jewelry, it helps to keep a few basic ideas in mind. Think about fall colors, activities and fabrics. Each piece of jewelry should fit in well with other items in your wardrobe. All jewelry pieces should also help add a touch of understated elegance to your overall look. Look for timeless pieces that help bring out your best features. Classic lines are always in style and will help take you from a day at the office to an evening fall wine tasting.

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Diamonds are Indeed a Girl’s Best Friend

diamond ringYou’ve probably heard that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Have you ever wondered why that is the case?

Diamonds are the world’s most popular gemstone. They have become the recognized symbol for the steadfast love that exists between a couple. Diamonds are forever and can not be destroyed, which is what everyone hopes for when they have found the love of their lives.

Here are some other reasons why diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend:


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Celebrities and their Jewels

The “star” factor of jewelry

When you hear the word “star” in regards to celebrities, an image of a person dressed to the nines and dripping in jewels on the red carpet usually comes to mind. Celebrities and their bling are a familiar sight in Hollywood. When a celebrity wants to tell the world they have “made it” in showbiz, you can be sure that they will go big with their jewelry.
Many famous women favor rings with large stone settings, delicate diamond-studded tennis bracelets, and eye-catching necklaces. Nothing says power or glam like a sparkling pair of earrings with an elegant up-do. When it comes to formal events, large show-stopper accessories are temporarily lended to a starlet for the evening.
Women don’t get to have all the fun when it comes to jewelry. Male celebs like showing off their wealth, too! Gold chains, rings, and fancy brand-name watches are favorite jewelry pieces of male celebrities. Even diamond-studded grills aren’t out of the question.

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Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelet is a name assigned to a simple, flexible bracelet set with stones all around the wrist. It fits close to your arm, rather than a bracelet with charms hanging off or a solid ring of metal, like a bangle bracelet.

Traditional Tennis Bracelet Construction

Generally, tennis bracelets are set with diamonds and made of gold, but many other stones and metals are available to produce a subtle, elegant piece of jewelry. While most tennis bracelets have hearty clasps to prevent losing them, as Tennis BraceletChris Evert did during a match in 1987, thus naming this piece of jewelry, some are designed to slide over your hand. If you have large hands, you probably want to find one with a durable clasp that’s easy to fasten with your other hand; otherwise the bracelet will hang away from your arm, breaking the clean line intended for tennis bracelets.

Additionally, because tennis bracelets are completely circled by stones, if they don’t fit snugly you can snag your clothing or catch the bracelet and may break the clasp or a link.

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